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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is the practice of being with another person or group of people who are seeking to deepen their relationship with the Divine or to learn and grow in their own spiritual life. In Christianity this is God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit. Other faith paths refer to the Divine by other names (Allah, Higher Power, Universe, Divine Light Energy, Love, etc.). Often the beliefs of different faith paths can offer deeper truths to anyone. This is beyond what religion and religious dogma can offer a person.

The person trained in Spiritual Direction is a trusted companion who supports spiritual formation and transformation and is often referred to as the Director or Companion. The person seeking greater spiritual depth (seeker, disciple, spiritual student) is often referred to as the Directee.

The directee shares stories of their encounters of the divine or how they perceive the divine to be present in his or her life through thoughts, experiences, others, emotions. The director listens and asks questions to assist the directee with reflection and spiritual growth, developing a deeper awareness with the spirituality of being human. It is very different per month but can be more or less frequent as discerned by the directee and director.

Group Spiritual Direction works similarly, except a small group comes together to discern with each other. This is facilitated by a trained Spiritual Director. Classes and seminars and retreats combine these different aspects with educational concepts or tools that can further enhance the spiritual direction depth process. Group, class/seminar, and retreat offerings will vary. Please call Gayle for more information.